Course credit for internships

Course credit for internships

Students who are interested in obtaining credit for internships should first secure an internship with a provider. Once confirmed, contact Dr. Hudak, for permission to register for GEOG 4920/5900.

You will be required to compile a portfolio during the course of your internship and provide a letter of assessment from the internship provider. Both will be used to determine a "grade" for the course.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Americorps Vista - TX Parks and Wildlife, Lake Ray Roberts State Park, Education and Outreach Coordinator

Member Duties : The VISTA member will serve a year at Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's Ray Roberts Lake State Park in Valley View, TX. This is a brand new project and will allow the VISTA member an opportunity to implement a variety of projects. Duties include: (1) Expanding the capacity of Ray Roberts Lake State Park in the area of outreach to and engagement of underrepresented communities. (2) Growing the park’s volunteer program to support these and other park efforts through the development of volunteer recruitment, management and training tools. (3) Developing a service learning program (SLP) for low income high schoolers. (4) Engaging new and existing partners to help ensure that low income and underrepresented communities have access to and understand the benefits of outdoor recreation, environmental service and career opportunities.


Monday, June 12, 2017

Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) - Transportation Planner

Transportation Planner
System Performance
Transportation & Planning Services (TPS) Division
The position is responsible for supporting short-range and long-range planning efforts and regional performance based planning process for the metropolitan planning organization (MPO). Other responsibilities may include coordination of related committees and/or subcommittees, transportation data analysis, and assisting in the coordination of regional safety and security initiatives. Makes frequent decisions important to the projects for which he/she has responsibility.


  • Engage and coordinate with local, state and federal entities, as well as other stakeholders concerning performance based planning, congestion management, Intelligent Transportation Systems, traffic incident management, safety and security initiatives
  • Collect, update, and analyze supporting transportation planning data, utilizing GIS software, as well as other software as needed
  • Assist with STP-UZA project evaluation and funding monitoring, and monitor the status of federally and locally funded transportation projects
  • Assist with research and maintain awareness of current federal law regarding the transportation planning process
  • Develop, update, and edit short-range and long-range transportation planning technical reports including annual reporting of progress towards regional targets
  • Draft technical and policy recommendations related to performance based planning
  • Support various committees and public outreach events
  • Handle assignments outside daily tasks


No supervisory responsibilities.

Primarily indoors with occasional local travel required.
Irregular hours of work may occasionally be required.

This job will be performed primarily at the Association's offices, 4205 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Send cover letter, resume, and application to Beverly Garner, Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, 4205 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105 or email