Course credit for internships

Course credit for internships

Students who are interested in obtaining credit for internships should first secure an internship with a provider. Once confirmed, contact Dr. Hudak, for permission to register for GEOG 4920/5900.

You will be required to compile a portfolio during the course of your internship and provide a letter of assessment from the internship provider. Both will be used to determine a "grade" for the course.

Monday, December 10, 2012

GIS Analyst I - Tarrant Regional Water District

GIS Analyst I
Full Time Position
Fort Worth

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Required experience with GIS and ESRI Software Products (ArcGIS Desktop and Extensions, ArcPad, ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE) in an enterprise environment.

Education, Training and Experience:
Degree in GIS, Geography, Computer Science, or related discipline required.
1-2 years experience with a Master’s Degree
2-4 years experience with a Bachelor’s Degree
4-5 years experience with an Associate’s Degree

Certification or License:
A valid TX Driver’s License required.

Salary Range: $40k-$45k DOQ.

To apply:

Typical Duties (Major):
  1. Responsible for creating, developing, maintaining, and updating map and database layersin support of TRWD’s Enterprise GIS Operations.
  2. Creates and\or develops GIS data layers utilizing the most appropriate ESRI softwaretools available to produce high quality results; data creation tasks may include conversionof data (CADD, GPS, as-built drawings, digital scans) into an appropriate GIS file format (shapefile, file and\or ArcSDE geodatabase, and a raster dataset).
  3. Maintains proper documentation of map and database layers, to include metadata, data processing tasks, and data dictionaries.
  4. Responsible for creating accurate, customized, and visually appealing maps and report for various District Departments.
  5. Responsible for providing GIS assistance and project support to District GIS users and District Non-GIS Users, including troubleshooting software-related issues and\or performing complex spatial analysis of geographic data on their behalf.
  6. Manages the utilization of, and utilizes GPS equipment to collect field data, and converts it into an appropriate GIS file format (shapefile, file and\or ArcSDE geodatabase).
  7. Assists with training and development of other GIS technical staff, and develops training materials as needed.
  8. Develops quality control\assurance plans and procedures to ensure GIS data layers are accurate, useable, and of the highest quality possible.
  9. Installs and maintains GIS software on District computers.
  10. Manages tasks and projects as assigned by the Senior GIS Analyst.
Typical Duties (Minor):
  1. Assists the Senior GIS Analyst in the implementation, administration, and maintenance of TRWD’s Enterprise GIS Systems, including ArcGIS Server-based web mapping applications and web-enabled map services, and multiple Enterprise ArcSDE geodatabases.
  2. Assists the Senior GIS Analyst with geodatabase design and implementation as individual project needs and District needs dictate.
  3. Writes scripts and simple programs to automate repetitive task or streamline processes.
  4. Participates in the design, development and testing of desktop, web, and field mapping
 Education, Training and Experience Requirements:
  1. A valid TX Driver’s License required.
  2. Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree in GIS, Geography, Computer Science, or related discipline required.
  3. Required experience with GIS and ESRI Software Products (ArcGIS Desktop and Extensions, ArcPad, ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE) in an enterprise environment.
    1. 1-2 years experience with a Master’s Degree
    2. 2-4 years experience with a Bachelor’s Degree
    3. 4-5 years experience with an Associate’s Degree
  4. Must be highly knowledgeable and proficient with the geodatabase file format. Experience with MS SQL Server 2005\2008 and enterprise geodatabase functions such as versioning, archiving, and replication are a plus.
  5. Must have experience working with GPS and the implementation of derived information into ArcGIS.
  6. Must have vast knowledge of and be self-sufficient with analysis processes utilizing ArcGIS tools and applications.
  7. Must have good analytical, problem solving, and communication skills, and have an aptitude for brainstorming and problem solving.
  8. Proven ability to work effectively in a large and small team environment. Must be at a level to perform a high percentage of tasks independently.
  9. Knowledge of CADD software packages and\or programming languages such as Python and NET are a plus.
Equipment Used:
Personal Computer and related peripherals, global positioning system (GPS), office equipment and

Physical/Mental Demands:
Sight, hearing, speech and use of hands is required. Requires the ability to read, write and analyze
problems such that accurate decisions can be made relative to program development. Requires
speaking skills necessary to make presentations and provide training to District employees. Use of
feet and legs, ability to walk on difficult terrain, and ability to climb ladders is required for
occasional field work. Requires the ability to reason at a level such that data can be organized and

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

GIS Intern - City of Sanger

City of Sanger employment web page

Salary Grade: $15.00 HOUR

To develop, maintain, and update various coverage's and database layers of the City's Geographic Information System (GIS) as directed by the Public Works Director.

Duties, Functions and Responsibilities:
Essential duties and functions,pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the following. Other related duties may be assigned.
  1. Maintain and update the City's GIS data using ESRI suite of software.
  2. Create and document GIS procedures as directed by the Public Works Director.
  3. Modify existing databases.
  4. Responsible for creating, developing! and maintenance of GIS databases performing data creation, and some cartography.
  5. Using a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, collect, transfer, input and plot grid coordinates, and other data from surveyor's data, field notes and engineering plans.
  6. Use GPS units to collect point data for various City utilities and public infrastructure inclduding fire hydrants and water valves.
  7. Maintain and update City GIS maps including planimetric and topographic maps for water, sanitary sewer, storm water sewer, streets,alleys, subdivisions, Right·of-Way, easements and floodplain using GIS Arclnfo and ArcMap.
  8. Collect and enter raw data into the GIS computer system for City infrastructure using City's available software.
  9. Create and develop graphic art/cartographic products,including location maps,infrastructure maps and various display items.
  10. Use AutoCAD to view engineering drawings to get detailed information to use for GIS data entry.
  11. Review and perform COGO (coordinate geometry) calculations on preliminary subdivision plats.
  12. Maintain computer database records for data files and Geographic Information System layer information.
  13. Responsibilities- Supervisor and/or Leadership Exercised: None

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  • Knowledge of ArcGJS/Arclnfo, and cartography design.
  • Knowledge of current versions of Windows, MS Access, MSOffice, Arch info, ArcView and database development.
  • Knowledge of GIS concepts and design methods.
  • Knowledge of modern and complex principles and practices of record keeping
  • Knowledge of current procedures, methods and technologies in GIS and other engineering related fields.
  • Skill in using GIS software and related equipment to produce record and scale drawings in a prompt and cost effective manner.
  • Skill in operating a computer aided drafting system.
  • Skill in operating and properly utilizing a variety of office equipment including plotter and copier, computers and peripherial equipment,printers and microfilm reader-printers.
  • Ability to research a variety of information.
  • Ability to Read and interpret construction blueprints, plans and drawings.
  • Ability to Interpret and apply pertinent federal, state and Jocallaws,codes and regulations.
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, capability to learn quickly, capacity to work independently.
  • Ability to translate hard copy or computer generated database data into the Geographic Information System.
  • Ability to maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed for: making observations; reading and writing; communicating with others; and, operating assigned equipment.
  • Ability to operate a regular equipped vehicle.
  • Ability to walk along creeks and wooden areas, walking up and down changes in elevation, walking under brush and walking in, across and along streets. Includes bending, twisting, kneeling and crouching.
  • Ability to establish and maintan courteous and cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of performing assigned duties.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • High school diploma or G.E.D. equivilent and enrollment in a college or university pursuing a degree in GIS or related field.
  • Familiarity or working knowledge of ArcGIS/Arclnfo, and cartography design.

Conditions of Employment:
  1. Must pass a drug test, driver's license check, criminal history background check, credit check, and social security number verification check.
  2. Must meet the City's driving standards.

  • Familiarity or working knowledge of ArcGIS/Arclnfo, and cartography design.