Course credit for internships

Course credit for internships

Students who are interested in obtaining credit for internships should first secure an internship with a provider. Once confirmed, contact Dr. Hudak, for permission to register for GEOG 4920/5900.

You will be required to compile a portfolio during the course of your internship and provide a letter of assessment from the internship provider. Both will be used to determine a "grade" for the course.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

GIS Intern - Davis Demographics and Planning

Davis Demographics & Planning has an internship opportunity in our Dallas Texas office.  This a paid internship for a candidate(s) who need GIS experience.  Internships will run 4/1/2016 to 8/30/2016 with the possibility of permanent position.

Job Description:
Under the direction of Project Managers, responsibilities will include the collection of various  types  of  data  for  developing  and  updating  our  GIS  planning  databases, telephone  follow-up  with  developers  to  update subdivision  construction  schedules, geocoding student databases with ArcGIS, map production and other tasks that may arise.  

This is a paid internship and it is anticipated that the position will run through the end of August 2016.  DDP prefers to hire full-time (40 hours per week) interns, but is willing to hire part-time interns for students that are still enrolled in college courses (at least 25 hours per week is required) This is an excellent opportunity with a growing company to gain valuable GIS experience and could potentially lead to a permanent full- time position with benefits.


1)   Working knowledge using Esri ARCGIS 10.3 software in a Windows environment
2)   Comfortable with geodatabase concepts.
3)   Knowledgeable of geocoding and feature class editing a must.
4)   Software that may be used in the course of work:  MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe Acrobat, etc.
5)   Good communication and telephone skills.
6)   Attention to details in a fast-paced work environment.

320 Decker Drive, Irving, TX 75062
Toll-Free 855.312.8246  |  Local 972.719.2518

Monday, March 21, 2016

Environmental Scientist/Air Compliance Specialist - Weaver Consultants Group


Environmental Scientist / Air Compliance Specialist
Air Compliance/Data Management/Reporting Consultant
Weaver Consultants Group, LLC (WCG) is currently looking to fill a position within their Landfill Gas/Air Compliance Department in Fort Worth, Texas.   The position is for an Environmental Scientist/Air Compliance Specialist.  As an Environmental Scientist/Air Compliance specialist your strong oral and written communication skills will be invaluable for your liaison with clients and regulatory agencies.  We'll depend on you to evaluate data for compliance with both state and federal regulatory requirements and to complete and submit reports within mandated timeframes. As a consultant you will be expected to work as a team member to complete high quality assignments within specified time frames and within project budgets.
Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science or related field
Exceptional communication skills
Strong writing skills and use of Microsoft Word
Strong computing skills including high level use of Microsoft Excel

As a consultant you will be expected to learn and develop skills to fulfill the following Responsibilities:
Using formulas and conditional formatting, you will be expected to enter data into spreadsheets and evaluate the data for compliance with state and federal regulations for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills.
Compile and write reports for various landfills to meet compliance requirements for state and federal regulations
Communicate throughout each day with co-workers on relevant findings that may affect a client’s ability to meet regulatory standards
Evaluate landfill gas flare data and extraction well data for compliance with federal and state regulations
Complete annual Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Emission Inventory calculations and reports
Attend Air Compliance Inspections at various landfills
Perform Tier 2 sampling and flare performance testing at various landfills
Learn, discuss, and become well versed in the following regulations:
40 CFR Part 60 – Subpart WWW
40 CFR Part 63 – Subpart AAAA
Title V Programs in – Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana with the potential to work with additional State’s Title V Programs
40 CFR Part 98 – Subpart A, C, W, and HH

Please submit Résumé to:
Weaver Consultants Group, LLC Attention Angie Vandergriff 6420 Southwest Blvd. Suite 206 Fort Worth, Texas 76109

Or via email to:

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

National Geographic Geography Intern Program

The National Geographic Society Geography Intern Program is currently accepting applications for our Summer and Fall 2016 internship semesters. These internships are available for university and college juniors, seniors, and master’s students majoring in geography, GIS, or cartography. Interest in the program has remained strong since its inception in 1981. By the end of 2015, more than 800 students will have participated.

We are offering a limited number of paid 12 week internships for the Summer and Fall of 2016. The program is designed to provide students a professional learning experience through participation in various divisions of the National Geographic Society. Individual projects and assignments will vary, but most include some degree of research, writing, working in teams, self-direction, and being able to manage many tasks at once. We are looking for well-rounded students who have a breadth of interests and work experiences, and who are committed to the field of geography.

The deadline for receiving completed applications for both semesters is April 8, 2016. Students are required to apply online here. Students must furnish all of the following materials in PDF form, attached to the online application:

1. A cover letter (200 words or less);
2. A short essay (500 words or less) relating experiences that led the applicant to formal training in geography, stating his or her professional goals, and explaining why she or he wishes to participate in the National Geographic Geography Intern Program;
3. A complete résumé that includes each of the following: the applicant’s extracurricular activities, awards and recognitions; employment history; a list of specific skills such as software or language proficiencies; and other relevant information such as special interests, hobbies, and travel.
4. Up-to-date unofficial college transcripts.

 In addition, three letters of recommendation must be sent as .docs or .pdfs to